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Introduction of SunWish Company

SunWish Company has started its activities in the field of processing and supply of sludge and medicinal salt in Urmia Lake (located in Japan) in 2017 with the aim of developing sludge and salt therapy at the international level, relying on experienced human resources and technical knowledge of its capable production complex in Japan, using the latest technology.

It is worth mentioning that the company has now been able to gain the trust and
satisfaction of a wide range of permanent consumers and attract customers
fascinated by miraculous healing products from the SunWish brand, in addition
to meeting the demand of competitive and competitive market in Japan, by
achieving a remarkable success in this field, it exports these products with high
quality to numerous destinations of the world markets.


Our Team

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Along with high knowledge, continuous training, technical abilities, sufficient tools and special raw materials, we have brought you the best products

In order to provide the most valuable gift of God, which is truly personal physical and mental health, SunWish Co. is proud to bring a pleasant experience of living without pain and good feeling of peace to its customers by making a huge leap in the commercialization of its unique and unique therapeutic products.

It is worth noting that the mechanism of the effect of medical products processed by this company is that after absorption in the body, it leads to increased blood circulation and consequently more oxygenation in tissues, increased metabolism, more collagen production, increased activity of sweat and fat glands as well as increased production of vitamins needed by cells, thus eliminating wrinkles and rejuvenating the cells.

Providing healthy, transparent and vibrant skin and using a continuous care plan to benefit from a face with stunning beauty and fully visible.

Considering the above, SunWish Co. is committed to improving the health of its customers in order to keep up with its main mission to improve the health of its customers, by developing sustainable healing products with its amazing efficacy, to significantly enhance the position of this complex in the world by providing more acceptable services and responding to the needs of customers.

The best version of you, with medical products

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