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In recent years there has been much interest in natural elements therapy, defined as a treatment with the natural elements of a specific geographic location.

The use of salt and mud for medical treatment is probably as old as mankind and one of seas that have medical salt and mud is Urmia Dead sea.

Urmia Sea in Iran, situated between East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan. pointed in the western north of Iran’s Plateau and the center of Azerbaijan Plateau. It is named as the most famous permanent sea and the greatest river basin in Iran. Its water is extremely brine and sourced by superficial water, basement currents and direct showering to the surface.

In Urmia sea the main source area providing medical salt and mud is located along the western shore of sea. Urmia Sea has been reputed to have healing properties, especially for alignments of dermatological and rheumatic origin. This has been attributed mainly to the high mineral content. In summary, the unparalleled salinity, the unique composition, the mineral mud, cannot be overlooked .

This area also has been reputed for its many hot thermomineral springs, rich in sulfur and other minerals as well as a large natural concentration of mud especially suited for therapeutic purposes. Recently it has been shown that Urmia salt and mud are effective in reducing objective and subjective parameters of many illnesses activity and severity and showed a statistically significant improvement for a period of up to 3 months.

There are just two other sea in the world which compared with it and named Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake. The salt’s measure of the sea is known as the second rank “after Dead Sea” in the world’s column. Although it is put in icy climate, it never freezes.

Since long time ago, the water and salt of this sea has been using to cure some illnesses such as: articulation and diseases, female’s illnesses and psychiatric disorders. The black mud and lake’s salt are definitely curable for articulation, skin diseases which based on physical and mental problems(Psychosomatic). Also the meditation of this material is useful for: Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergy and sort of Sinus Disorders. This production based on Sodium Chloride water to set illnesses right.

Sodium Chloride water is an anti bilious and causes the better excretion in it. The salt with several mineral materials combined in a kind of rare crustacean called(Artemia), Chlorine, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphates and other materials plus Keton. This formulation is used for healing like Fungous and skin infections, Acne, Muscular pains, removing depression or stress, recovering Callous and bone’s cracking. It is also utilizing for women making- up and hygienic productions.

Salt therapy is the combination of bath sea salts and water, and is the basis of many powerful therapeutic treatments. There are numerous types of urmia salt and mud therapy administered at spas, holistic centers and health clinics around the world. Sports therapy clinics use hydrotherapy baths and mud to help patients recover from joint and muscle injuries. Dermatologists are recommending Sea Salt baths and mud for patients with psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions. Estheticians emphasize the cleansing properties of a sea salt

bath and mud to clean pores and to detoxify the body. Cancer patients use salt and mud therapy to help deal with radiation treatments.

The Urmia sea salt and mud not only restricted infection risks, but patients who followed treatments involving the use of salt and mud found that it also promoted pain relief. It is now known that sea salt and mud therapy is an effective treatment that assists in the rejuvenation of the cells and also induces a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and the salt water and mud.

Urmia sea

There are even salt and mud therapies and therapeutic bath salts can use on a daily or weekly basis in home.

Types of salt and mud Therapies

Balneotherapy – a range of treatments with warm mineral salt water, from bathing or underwater massage jets to plain drinking. Alkaline water helps stimulate the secretion of bile, while hypnotic water has diuretic effects and is often used for treating kidney stones.

Heliotherapy – use of the sun’s creative properties. Despite recent awareness of skin cancers, sun remains an excellent source of energy, boosting immunity and stabilizing mood when used appropriately. Skin treatments combine this with sea salt baths and mud, but should only be used together under the supervision of a doctor.

Phytotherapy – treatments with wild-growing herbs, plants, flowers or leaves. Used in salt baths, oils or infusions, their effect can be superior to pharmacological treatments for some medical conditions. Perfect for combining with bath salts.

Mudtherapy – a range of treatments with mud, from rubbing it on skin.

Sea Salt Therapy Treatments at the Spa

Urmia sea salt, which is rich in minerals and microelements, has wonderful therapeutic properties when heated up to just 37- 40 degrees centigrade. The following are only a few examples of spa procedures that incorporate sea salt therapies:

Jacuzzi: a hydro massage in the bath filled with warm sea water for 20 minutes.

Sea Salt Wrap: soothing and healing spring water will leave your skin soft and invigorated. Used in combination with sea salts and individualized essential oils, it stimulates circulation, increases lymph flow and detoxifies the whole system.

“Under Shower” Massage: a light body massage with waterproof cream while having sea salt

“Under Water” Massage: a strong jet body massage while lying down in a warm salt bath

Salt Glows: a special blend of sea salts and aromatherapy oils gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving the skin toned, glowing and stimulated. Salt exfoliations are wonderful when paired with a body wrap.

Aroma Massage: a gentle sea salt exfoliation prepares your skin to better receive the benefits of aromatherapy and massage for the ultimate in relaxation of body and mind.

Sea Salt Therapy at Home

We may not always have the time to visit a resort or spa. There are several therapies can enjoy at home with little or no mess and preparation:

Thalassotherapy Bath: Draw a warm bath (37- 40 degrees centigrade) and add a Urmia Sea Salt Cell. Dim the lights and soak for 20-30 minutes. Drink plenty of water during and after your soak. Pat dry when finished and wrap in a warm bath robe. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Salt Glow: Apply salt scrub to dry skin. The shower is the perfect, easy-to-clean-up place for this. Be sure to massage the entire body. The salts will exfoliate your skin, allowing the nourishing essential oils to be absorbed. Once complete, turn on the shower and rinse off .the result: soft and silky skin.

Urmia sea salt and mud mineral treatment

We recommend Urmia Sea mineral salt and mud treatments to reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis. We Research on effects of urmia sea mineral treatments and find that its also improve fibromyalgia and psoriasis. Urmia Sea Mineral treatments include urmia sea mineral bath salt and mud packs.
Mineral such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium in this sort of salt cause to:

1. Lame the obstruction of muscles
2. Decrease blood pleasure
3. Keep heart health and supply the necessity of its muscles
4. Reduce the level of triglyceride and cholesterol
5. Produce insulin and reduce body’s ability to catch insulin
6. Prevent of headaches attacking and Calm depression or mental stress
7. Diminish pressure of women monthly period
8. Restrain of dangerous result in pregnancy situation (Eclampsia and Pre-Eclampsia) 9. Prevent Arthritis
10. Appetizer
11. Clean liver up and prevent gallbladder stones
12. Clean kidney up and prevent kidney stones

Physical and chemical characterization of Urmia Sea salt and mud
A laboratory analysis was performed to determine the physical and chemical properties of Urmia Sea salt and mud samples collected from different locations on the western shore of the Urmia Sea. Several analytical techniques were used to determine the chemical and mineralogical compositions of those samples including atomic absorption spectrometry and X-ray diffraction. Physical parameters such as specific gravity, Atterberg limits, grain size, specific surface area, cation exchange capacity, pH and electrical conductivity were also studied. The main focus of the work was to document salt and mud characteristics and to study the interrelation between physical and chemical properties. The samples were quite rich in minerals.

Sea Salt Therapy at Home

Urmia Salt analysis(Iran, Tehran University, Electrochemical Lab)
Urmia Salt analysis(Iranian ministry of health and medical education)
Urmia Salt and Mud analysis(Iran, Tehran University, Western shore)
Mud :

Specefic gravity : 1.72 , PH : 7 – 7.5 , EC (in 25 CO) : 15000 – 20000 , TDS : 14000-18000

Urmia water analysis(Chemical lab of Tabriz University,Iran, 2009)
Urmia water analysis(Chemical lab of Tabriz University,Iran, 2009)
Urmia Salt analysis(Chemical lab of Urmia University,Iran, 2009)
Dead sea Salt analysis(salt works usa)
Dead sea Salt analysis: